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Consultancy & Coke Oven Outsourcing Partner in the field of hard coke projects.

Our core strength has been to undertake contracts involving commisioning, operation & maintainence of coke oven plants. We are one of the biggest, most experienced & dependable coke oven contractors in the country. Some of the biggest coke oven plants has been successfully commissioned and operated by us.

We have been specially trained by Chinese experts to commission and operate the Chinese designed coke oven batteries in India. Due to our origin from Dhanbad (Jharkand) which is the hub for coal industry, we have an enormous control over the skilled, semi-skilled workforce required for coke oven assignments.

We have well-trained and experienced team of managers, supervisors, fireman, mill wright & hydraulic fitter, electrical & senior technicians, multipurpose operators, anchorage control etc as required in the commisioning, operation & maintainence of coke oven batteries made of Silica Bricks or any type of coke oven assignment.

Currently about 1000 skilled & semi skilled workforce of different skill levels are employed with us posted at various locations across the country.

All the basic resources like JCB, Pay loader, Grinders, Excavators, Tractor/ Trolley, Specialized Tools & Tackles are readily available with us.

We are also into specialised coal & coke trading.
The firm has the ability to supply customized specification, size & quality of coke/coal to our customers.

Due to our family background & in depth experience in the coke & coal projects, we are setting up our own retort coke plant in Assam to produce retort coke & coal tar & harness the waste heat to produce electricity.

Our vision is to achieve highest level of production & quality with optimum level of service standards. This in process would meet our client requirements to maintain a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

Priyanath Mullick Road,
Monica Appt,1st Floor,



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